Care of wine

The 2/3 of the 12 hectares of vineyards, located in the town limits of Morogues, Humbligny and Saint Céols are planted with the Sauvignon grape variety, and the remaining 1/3 is planted with Pinot Noir..

Pierre Jacolin’s long experience of perennial cultivation of fruit trees has heavily influenced his approach to the cultivation of his vines… Currently, the entire domain is planted with a density of 6500 vine stocks per hectare.

B eginning the third year, the space between the rows of vines is systematically planted with grass to prevent erosion and preserve the excellent biological activity of the soil. The vines are pruned using the guyot poussard method.

One or two disbudding passes are carried out in May and June to limit the number of twigs to 7 and 8 per trunk.
Uniting consists in holding the vegetation between two wires so that the twigs grow vertically.

Le Printemps


Beginning in July, and after the load per vine stock is checked, excess grape bunches are eliminated.


These operations all aim at perfectly controlling the yield in order to achieve the optimal concentration of grapes. The goal is to obtain homogenously mature, perfectly healthy grapes with the greatest aromatic concentration at picking time. All bunches that do not meet these requirements are eliminated during the vegetation period between May and September (negative grape gathering).

All the vintages are different and the wine grower’s work consists precisely in perfecting what nature offers each year. 

The notion of “sustainable viticulture” is always foremost in the mind of Pierre Jacolin so that he can transmit the exceptional land entrusted to him to future generations intact.
The Domaine du Prieuré de Saint Céols is certified  « Terra Vitis ».