Menetou-Salon appelation

The Prieuré de Saint Céols wines are part of the Menetou-Salon appellation area. This 550 hectare appellation is located along a line of hills extending northeast of Bourges towards the Loire river.
The vineyards, exclusively composed of limestone clay, date back to the greater Jurassic period (kimmeridgian marl).

Like all the major vineyards of the Centre Loire region, Sauvignon is the favored grape varietal. It expresses the full breadth of the characteristics and richness of our soils. Two thirds of the vineyard estate is planted with the Sauvignon grape varietal and the remaining one third is planted with Pinot Noir.


Roughly 150 million years ago, dinosaurs walked at Saint Céols at the edge of a warm sea, rich with life, explaining the presence of numerous fossils on the calcareous stones present in the vineyards.

The Kimmeridgian era is the second stratigraphic stage of the later Jurassic era. It goes back -155,7 ± 4 to -150,8 ± 4 million years.
This appellation comes from the name of an English village of Dorset called Kimmeridge. It hosts a configuration of cliffs equivalent to the other side of the Channel in Normandy at Octeville-sur-mer .

These soils have a particular feature, an abundance of a family of minuscule oysters in the marl and calcareous marl, the Exogyra virgule, located on this marl above the table of Portlandian limestone.